“We are committed to stewarding towards a cleaner, safer, more ecologically friendly environment for generations to come. We are aware of the importance of conserving our planet’s natural resources by protecting the soil, water, and climate and will stop at no cost to ensure the safety of our environment from which we operate.”

History of VLS Recovery

  • 2007: VLS Recovery Services founded (purchased by management from Vopak North America ) sites in Hockley, Mauldin, and Fitzgerald.
  • 2010: Purchased Armor facility in Mt. Pleasant, TN
  • 2011: $2 million on improvements to Armor facility
  • 2012: $4 million investment to build IRF facility in Gray Court, SC, for recycling non-hazardous secondary materials
  • 2016: Commissioned 3rd solidification pit in Mauldin. Permit capacity expanded from 90,000 tons to 150,000 tons annually. Commissioned IRF transfer facility at Mt. Pleasant. Expanded rail capacity in Hockley
  • 2017: Installed carbon black slurry system to safely process powders in Mauldin. Q4 SSI quad-shaft shredder at IRF to expand the scope of acceptable materials, to include metals and larger sizes (e.g. carpet rolls.) Railcar expansion in Hockley, TX.
  • 2018: VLS-Alabama start-up for recycling non-hazardous secondary materials February 2018. VLS-Charleston start-up for recycling NHSM May 2018. VLS Recovery Acquires Beauchan Rail Services August 2018.