Meet Your Zero Landfill Goals

VLS Recovery Services Industrial Recycling Facility (IRF) helps generators meet their zero landfill goals by accepting a wide range of off-spec or expired consumer products and general plant trash/debris. In Gray Court, SC, Charleston, SC, and Brent, AL, the material is then sorted and various recyclables, like cardboard and plastic, are removed for recycling and reuse. The remaining material is then processed into an on-spec, alternative high Btu fuel source.

Benefits of Alternative Engineered Fuel

Zero LandFill

Replaces Fossil Fuel with Secondary Materials

Not A Solid Waste

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Non-hazardous Secondary Materials?

Any material that is not the primary product of manufacturing (40 CFR Part B 241.3).Non-hazardous Secondary Materials are NOT A SOLID WASTE (40 CFR Part B 241.4)

For legitimate fuels, non-hazardous secondary materials must:

  • be handled as a valuable commodity,
  • have meaningful heating value,
  • be used as a fuel in a combustion unit that recovers energy, and
  • contain contaminants at levels comparable to those in traditional fuels


How does it work?
  • VLS processes secondary materials into a legitimate, engineered fuel with stringent specifications
  • We shred and blend material in order to make an Alternative Engineered Fuel called “Shredded Heat”
  • Our Alternative Engineered Fuel is then used as fuel at cement kilns and gasifiers to make steam and electricity
  • Use of this fuel offsets use of natural resources like coal and natural gas with cleaner emissions
  • Because of this complete “Beneficial Reuse” process, we’re able to give a Certificate of Recycling for your material

Where is Alternative Engineered Fuel Created?

1650 North Old Laurens Rd.
Gray Court, SC 29645

101 South Park Dr
Mt. Pleasant, TN 38474

2115 Main Street
Brent, AL 35034

1930 Hwy 52
Moncks Corner, SC 29461